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Raspberyl Cosplay WIP by ConfessionsTetragram Raspberyl Cosplay WIP by ConfessionsTetragram
Pictures of my progress on my Rasberyl cosplay.
If I plan on cosplaying as her again, I plan on re-doing the wings.
Other than that I think I did good on everything else.

If you plan on cosplaying Raspberyl and need any help, just leave a comment! C:
oOPurple-MuncheezOo Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2012
OOO! ME! ME! :D I'm cosplaying her soon and need help please ^^ i just need help onn urhh umm the skull necklace and the hirn and ears ^^ how did you get your horns so perfect? *u* and im not sure what to make them out of i was thinking crayola model magic :/ oh and how did you do the ears? :o THANKYOU! ^^
Well, thanks for the complement on the horns. C:

I make the skull with 'Crayola Model Magic' then painted on the eyes. After it was dried I used super glues and attached it to a piece of fabric that wrapped around my neck. Basically I just made it into a necklace.

The horns were made from black pleather. I cut out the shape, sewed them together, then stuffed them. At first I was going to make them out of 'Crayola Model Magic' then paint gloss on them but I ran out of model magic. So I just used pleather since it's somewhat shiny.

The ears where bought online for I believe $20 including shipping.
I believe I bought them from these people; [link]

I bought them 3 years ago and wear them often and they still work great. Some people actually think I made my ears like that.

Hope this helps! C:
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